Principal’s Message

I have made you a Head not tail.
Whenever I see this Verse It encourages me a lot. I try to figure out all the time How Can I glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ? How can I use my Talent or What is the way to uplift the Community? The answer is simple and straight i.e The approach to formal and spiritual education based on the values of openness, ownership and flexibility
God is always with us Indeed He Himself proclaims that He has never left us alone but being our father He knows all our needs and worries. He wants us to be at the top, and show the light to the people in the dark. We are the Salt of the world. Our purpose is just to glorify the name of Christ through our thoughts, actions and through our all dealings.
The Lord often spoke of the rewards that He will give to His saints. He uses this as a motivating force and encouragement to all believers who run in the race of Faith, and who work faithfully in His Kingdom (Mathew 5:15; 6:18; 10:41-42; 16:27).
The model of education we offer at Kingdom Of Heaven School System (KHSS) is not one in which both teacher and student focus on their subject without regard for who they are before God. We use a Christian model in which both teacher and student are understood to be accountable in their character as they prepare and teach. In other words, the teachers are disciples first. The expectation we foster is one of modeling discipleship. In all that we do, the accessibility of example is paramount.
In Kingdom Of Heaven School System every kid is a bright Star and he is treated as a Child of Jesus. We are struggling hard in securing the future of these kids. They are growing academically as well as Spiritually. Be a helping hand in shaping the future of poor and deserving Community. Keep us all in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless you.

Principal KOHM:
Mr. Pervaiz