Personal Transformation in Community

It is one thing to want to grow in the knowledge of God and his will, but a more searching question is to what extent you want that knowledge to have a transforming effect on your life.
One of our values as a college is to pursue ‘personal transformation in community’ and to that end we are involved as students and staff in various activities that seek to see this value embraced in the life of the college. Some of the more intentional transformational opportunities come in the form of devotional services, fellowship groups, prayer meetings, participation in practical ministry opportunities and reflection stemming from lectures and assignment work. However, often it is the less intentional things such as chats over lunch or helping to serve coffee in teams that can have a shaping influence on our lives. One vital transformational factor that is involved in all these activities is the diversity of culture and denominational backgrounds at KOHM. While the learning curve can be steep and challenging when embracing difference, it is rarely disappointing and is certainly something to celebrate. During formal and informal times the question still remains – to what extent do we want to experience personal transformation in community?