Faithfulness to the Word

Faithfulness to the Word, alongside sacrificial discipleship, is a value which is at the heart of all we do here at KOHM. This role model is vital to understanding what is said and what is written, and the School has been richly blessed by staff who have been called by God to live a life of sacrificial servanthood. Over generations they have been faithful to the Gospel message and preparing God’s servants for ministry in the world. We may not know the full extent of this witness, but I regularly come into contact with people who share of the great blessing that the KOHM has been, through the people with whom they have had contact.
Jesus encouraged his followers to prepare themselves for sacrifice; he warned them that the cost is to die to self and to accept the suffering that might ensue from the adverse reaction of those around us. He asked his followers to count the cost of faithfulness at the outset, so that there would be no turning back. KOHM provides the milieu in which we can explore our faith, get to know the Word more fully, and prepare ourselves for the cost of following Jesus.”