Prayerful dependence on God

In a world which affirms human autonomy and self reliance, God insistence that we depend on him is profoundly counter cultural. As a community of students, staff and board, we express this dependence most clearly in our commitment to hear and heed the Bible encouragement to call out to our Father. We are, as a College community, continually aspiring to both listen more and lift up our hearts more, whether they are full of pain or praise, giving thanks in all circumstances, but especially for the gift of prayer itself. How do we live in prayerful dependence? By praying as staff together at the beginning of each week, by praying as students in prayer triplets, by praying during world focus and our gatherings for worship, by praying as we begin each class and sometimes as we end, by praying as a gathered community each morning, and again at mid day. The most exciting thing of all is that the more we pray, the more we find we want to pray, the more we find we need to pray. And it’s that sense of compulsion to pray which propels us ever nearer toward the goal which Paul sets for followers of Jesus: pray without ceasing.