Founder’s Message

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such, belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
My Vision is to lift up the poor, deprived and illiterate children of this generation ___ and generations to come across the world for the body of Christ.
“God gave me a vision to work among poor and orphaned Christian children. I Saw many destitute children just wandering in the street, victims to petty crime, drugs and cheap sex. There was no accessible school for them to go to. A whole generation of my own community was growing up illiterate and without hope.
I started to visit families in my area to tell the parents, as well as the children, about the importance of education to equip them for the future. After facing many hardships and discouragements, in May 2002 we tool a house on rent and the Kingdom of Heaven School came into being.”

Abid Masih Bhatti was born in a Christian family on 21 May 1978. His parents were God-fearing and they brought up their seven children to know and love the Bible. They were the only Christian family in an otherwise Muslim village in northern Pakistan.
Abid father believed in the value of education and sent his children to the local village primary school. To attend High School he had to walk more than a mile from his home every day. He graduated in 1993, but his ambitious was to study more. For this he approached a Christian college in Lahore city.
The Director, missionary from Holland, asked me, Abid, how much can you afford to pay each month?
I said, Sorry Sir, I can’t afford anything.
He insisted that I must pay something and finally settled for 40 rupees a month (about $2). The College was a long way from my house and I had to leave home at 4.30 each morning to reach school by 7.30. From dawn to dusk, half my day was spent in college and the rest in travelling.
In November 1995 the family was forced out of their village by some ruthless men who forcible took over their agricultural land. They shifted to Meher Town, a suburb of Lahore city.
It was the worst time of our lives. They threatened to burn our children and our houses and we thought we would lose everything. We prayed earnestly. After two months we left the village in the night just to save our lives.
Abid was still determined to study and he managed to get a place in college to prepare for his B.Com. With the help of part time work, he went on to earn a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 2001.
But his heart was in Christian service and in 2009 he completed a 2-year Certificate course in Theology from the Open Theological Seminary, accredited by the Asian Theological Association.

Founder of KOHM:
Abid Masih Bhatti